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Know how potential customers use language in search

Keyword research is the process of identifying what words a user types into Google (or any search engine) when they're searching for information, products or services. Once you understand what specific words and terms someone is using, you can then design your website content to match those keywords. This match between user input and on-page content is how search engines determine if a site is relevant or not to what the user's searching for and how it ranks pages in search results. With proper keyword research and smart SEO, you can make sure that your site ranks for the right potential customers.

You think you know what the right keywords are but, you don’t

You may have some keywords and search terms in mind already. Perhaps you've jotted down some phrases that you think would to perfect to get your page to rank well. However, the way that you think may not be the same as your customers. Keyword research is a critical phase of your SEO planning, and it's important to do a completely objective analysis of customer behaviour to make sure you're going to get traffic from the right people. Intelligent keyword research can even disambiguate between customers who want to buy now versus ones who are just browsing. Using these research strategies allows you to narrow your target audience to convert more visitors and drive sales.

Understand your market trends and any shifts in consumer behaviour

Keyword research is also a useful method to analyse current market trends as well as predict shifts in consumer behaviour. By investigating what language people are using (or not using) we can get both quantitate and qualitative intelligence into potential gaps in the market and even recommend segments that you should be targeting over your competitors.

Case Study: One Investment Group

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Case Study: Kooee Snacks

Kooee Snacks is a global eCommerce brand selling all natural snacks worldwide. Learn how we helped a new market player achieve incredible SEO growth in such a short time frame.

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Why OneEgg for keyword research?

At OneEgg, we are creative and data-driven. We use our fundamental understanding of digital consumer psychology, along with robust analytics to determine the right keywords and the perfect SEO strategy for your brand. We use a suite of industry-leading tools and global analytics systems to conduct a thorough investigation into your market segment. These tools allow us to uncover customer intent so that we can focus on keywords that will convert searchers into customers. We then weave all this intelligence into your website and e-commerce systems, which will put you way ahead of your competitors.

Always several steps ahead of the competition

We understand the digital space like no other. We know the intent behind customer searches and, based on this, know how to categorise keywords efficiently. We live and breathe all things Google, and we know that with the rapid pace of technology improvement, consumer behaviour will always be dynamic. We're subject matter experts in all things SEO, and we're continually adapting and tweaking our approach to digital marketing. We know that you want to be more than just one-step in front of your competitors which is why we're always researching, innovating, analysing and pushing the boundaries to ensure that our clients are the most successful.

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