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SEO for E-Commerce is different. We get that

Good SEO, or search engine optimisation, is critical to the success of your online presence and the amount of traffic your website ingests. We already know that. But, SEO for E-Commerce is very different to traditional SEO. E-Commerce sites need to scale up to support new product categories and now, more rapidly than ever. Once this happens, SEO can be an overwhelming task on a grand scale. However, all it takes is understanding the principles for technical SEO best-practice that are specific to E-Commerce sites.

With size, comes complexity

With most E-Commerce platforms, just the sheer size of product catalogues and categories can, in itself, inhibit search results and leave your pages buried deep in digital irrelevance, never to be found by shoppers, even if they're actively looking for what you sell. Some E-Commerce platforms have SEO tools built in, but they're not perfect and can be difficult to use regularly. E-Commerce is so different to traditional SEO that it's an entirely different skill set and one that's rapidly evolving along with new trends in the digital landscape.

Continue to grow revenue as you build your product catalogues

There's a lot of tactical strategies, technical expertise and a world of jargon when it comes to E-Commerce optimisation. Do you know what your keyword silos are? What about your canonical tags? You may not even know what you don't have because SEO for E-Commerce is a sophisticated space that requires experts in the field to ensure that you're not missing out on potential customers and that you continue to grow your revenue as your E-Commerce site scales up.

We're E-Commerce specialists and want you to succeed

We are experts in SEO for E-Commerce. We’ve worked with many E-Commerce players across diverse industries and helped them all overcome unique challenges to increase their traffic and boost their sales through superb SEO and digital optimisation strategies. 

We know what needs to be done to ensure that your products are always in front of potential customers. Spend less time on technical SEO, product tags and technical jargon and more on tweaking conversion and counting your increased profit margins.

Tailored and unique digital solutions for your needs

Extended experience

At One Egg, we’re experienced in working across many industries and organisations large and small. However, we don’t offer stock-standard solutions, expecting them to work with every business. We know that, in the digital space, it takes a deep understanding of a brand’s unique needs to succeed and put them ahead of their competitors.

Customised approach

Nobody understands your business as you do and that’s why we take the time to partner with you to understand your unique challenges and specific E-Commerce goals so we can build effective digital strategies that make your brand hum.

Case studies

Case study: DJ City

DJ City has grown into one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of Pro Audio and DJ Equipment Learn more about how we helped them boost organic traffic and dominate their target keywords on Google.

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Case study: Kooee Snacks

Kooee Snacks is a global eCommerce brand selling all natural snacks worldwide. Learn how we helped a new market player achieve incredible SEO growth in such a short time frame.

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Our SEO services

SEO Audits

Determine the best course of action to improve your search ranking with a comprehensive audit of your website and SEO strategy.

SEO Training

Practical training in keyword research, competitor analysis, and technical SEO best practices to equip you with the know-how to drive organic traffic.

Local SEO

Grow your business by promoting your products and services to local customers at the exact moment that they are looking for them. 

Keyword Research

Identify the most valuable keywords for your website and discover new opportunities to dominate in search results with advanced keyword research.

International SEO

Successfully target global audiences by providing relevant information to searchers and speaking the same language as your potential customers.

E-commerce SEO

Drive more organic traffic and capitalise on the 71% of online shoppers that use search engines to discover new products. 

Charity & Not for Profit SEO

Expand the reach of your non-profit by making sure you appear in search results for the people you are trying to help. 

Link Building

Increase brand visibility, drive organic traffic, and improve your ranking by getting your links and referrals in front of the right audience.

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