How To Advertise Your Private Label Products on Amazon with Pay Per Click Campaigns

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amazon ppc advertising guide

Amazon’s Pay Per Click (PPC) platform provides great opportunities to sell more products online. It can help you sell more inventory, faster, and also increase your product’s organic rankings. Sounds pretty good, right? However, to make sure you don’t overspend on sponsored ads, you need to understand how the platform works and what you can do to optimize your campaigns … Read More

Guide To Digital Marketing For Charities

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digital marketing guide for charities

The fast-paced digital marketing landscape is challenging for every industry, and it can be especially daunting for charities and non-profit organisations. Marketing for your charity needs to address different issues and target different personas from regular businesses, so your overall strategy needs to be carefully thought out. Strategy The main goals your organisation needs to focus on are building a … Read More

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Guide

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Why Advertise on Facebook? Because you can’t afford not to Targeting can be extremely specific, for example everyone who has used a particular device or App With Facebook Ads you can reach one in 7 of all people on the planet 315m Europeans, 277m Americans and 522m Asians log on at least monthly Each young female user in the US … Read More

Twitter Advertising – When to use it

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With more than 500m tweets sent daily and 320m active users, it was only a matter of time before Twitter became another advertising platform for business. It has only been offering ads focused on helping customers get a better Return On Investment (ROI) since 2013, but there are a number of ways to get new customers and increase brand awareness … Read More

Increase your ROI with Pinterest advertising

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 Why use Pinterest to advertise? Pinterest brings in BIG results, average increase of 20-30% in traffic and coverage Pins last forever, and 80% of Pinterest content is repinned Ideal to sell a product by featuring visually Works when you know your target demographic Pinterest users spend on average $80 per purchase, more than twice that of some other platforms Pinterest … Read More

Your Snapchat Snapshot

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Snapchat guide

It hasn’t been around very long, and if you’re over the age of 33 you might not have even bothered joining, but Snapchat will soon be the premium way to reach your audience as it slowly prepares to launch Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in the future. Read on for the information you need to get your business ahead of … Read More

Forget project management tools! Use a CRM to manage project workflow

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Guide to choosing a CRM

There are so many project management tools today on the market, some are good but none of them are great. For me, none of these tools perfectly suited me to manage workflow and collaboration until I came across a CRM tool. This CRM helped me manage my projects better than any of the tools designed for project management. That tool … Read More

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

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LinkedIn advertising guide

LinkedIn is not a question of whether to advertise, but how, for professional audiences 414m users, 107m in the US alone, 200 countries Key question: Will a professional, with their day job on their mind, want to see your ad? New jobs, industry events and opportunities, thought leadership and innovation are the focus LinkedIn is for marketing from business to … Read More