What I Learned at the Google Machine Learning Masterclass

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What happens when you send your sales guy into Google’s Head Office for a Search Engine Master Class on Machine Learning?? Let’s find out…  If you’re a newcomer to Digital Marketing you might be surprised to learn just quite how data-heavy and analytics-driven, the world of Digital Marketing is. The nice thing about machine learning; apart from the fact that … Read More

Guide To Digital Marketing For Charities

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The fast-paced digital marketing landscape is challenging for every industry, and it can be especially daunting for charities and non-profit organisations. Marketing for your charity needs to address different issues and target different personas from regular businesses, so your overall strategy needs to be carefully thought out. Your Digital Marketing Strategy The main goals your organisation needs to focus on … Read More

The Best Google Data Studio Resources for Digital Marketers

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Google Data Studio is the best tool available today for reporting and dashboarding for digital marketers. I covered the advantages of Data Studio over other tools in a recent article on Search Engine Land. If your not yet convinced you can read about the pros and cons there.  Surprisingly the uptake within the marketing community has been slow.  One possible … Read More

Digital Marketing 101: 7 Effective Marketing Techniques

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You can spend a small fortune on a brand new website, but if you don’t have any visitors, your website is worthless. Even if you’re taking your first steps into digital marketing, there are achievable tried and tested techniques to connect with your customers and establish your business online. Before we dive into the techniques, it’s important we cover two … Read More

Multiple Regression for Google Ads Accounts

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This is the third article in a series covering machine learning for Google Ads analysis. We are going to explore regression using multiple input features. In the first article published on marketingland we walked through regression models you can build in excel to forecast conversions at different levels of Google Ad spend. In the second article, we went deeper into … Read More

How to Reduce your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

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We all want to keep users on our sites for as long as possible; engaging them with our content, intriguing them with our brand and incentivizing them to find out more. But if people are frequently ‘bouncing’ from your site, you may need to adapt your content.  Bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors that leave your site … Read More

How Long Does a Landing Page Need to Be?

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How to Create Landing Page Content That Drives Sales You won’t find a magic formula that delivers customers to your business via the internet. You can’t copy a template, change the landing page content and assume your business will prosper. Every business, it seems, has to figure out for itself what works. Still, best practices exist. Every landing page needs … Read More

Fitting A Random Forest Model To Google Ads Data

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In a recent post on Marketingland, I described a process to perform regression analysis in Google Ads. By fitting a trend line to daily Cost & Conversion data, we were able to map the relationship between these variables. We could then make predictions about conversions & CPA at different levels of daily ad spend. The post included a walkthrough into … Read More

Caught Out: Facebook Breaks Its Own Advertising Rules

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The major advertising corporations like Facebook and Google are today some of the largest companies in the world.  They essentially have created their own advertising marketplaces, wherein they are able to set the rules as to what advertising is and is not permissible.  This is a good thing, for without advertising rules, these marketplaces would not operate properly and the … Read More

The Essential On-Page SEO Tips for 2019

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on page seo 2019 guide

On‐page SEO refers to the practice of ‘optimising’ web pages to help them rank higher in the search engines. The end goal of which is to increase organic traffic to your site. In 2019, Google is smart enough to understand synonyms and semantically‐related keywords meaning that you no longer have to obsess about the strategic placement of exact‐match keywords on … Read More