How to Conduct the Ultimate AdWords Audit

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ultimate adwords audit guide

I’ve conducted 100’s of audits over the last several years. The following comprises in my experience, the key issues that need to be reviewed in an account audit. I’ve divided this process into 4 sections, which contain their own subsections: 1. account structure. We will examine different ways accounts are structured into campaigns and ad groups. This will include different … Read More

Guide To Digital Marketing For Charities

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digital marketing guide for charities banner

The fast-paced digital marketing landscape is challenging for every industry, and it can be especially daunting for charities and non-profit organisations. Marketing for your charity needs to address different issues and target different personas from regular businesses, so your overall strategy needs to be carefully thought out. Your Digital Marketing Strategy The main goals your organisation needs to focus on … Read More

AdWords Campaign Drafts and Experiments

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adwords campaign drafts and experiments infographic

Introduction AdWords ‘Campaign Drafts and Experiments’ is one of my favorite advanced tools within AdWords. This tool was previously known as AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE). I have reviewed many accounts over the years and very often even in larger AdWords accounts, I rarely see advertisers using this feature. It is a real shame because it is a fantastic feature which … Read More

Keeping it Consistent: Online and Offline Branding

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If someone blindfolded you and walked you into a Target store and then took off the blindfold, you’d only need a minute to know where you were. The same would be true if you were dropped into a Lexus dealer or the Apple Store. Every one of these companies has a strong brand, very different from the others mentioned. The … Read More

The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing for The Automotive Industry

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automotive digital marketing guide

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing? With automotive buyers spending 60% of their purchase journey online and over half of them visiting a car dealer website in the process, digital marketing is more important than ever for the automotive industry. Website content, landing pages, car dealer SEO, marketing automation and high-quality inbound links should all be an integral part of … Read More

Automate Monthly Budgeting for Paid Advertising Accounts

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Budgeting is Boring, let’s get it over with faster! Budgeting is time-consuming, repetitive and boring. But critically important. Using spreadsheets and the Google Analytics add-on we can automate this process, taking it from hours of work every week to minutes. I’ve built a spreadsheet that does this and I’ll walk you through how to do this for your own accounts. … Read More

Local Double Campaign Structure

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local double campaign structure infographic

In this section, we will discuss how you can use a double campaign structure for optimal geotargeting your searchers. This double structure is relevant for any type of local business or a business that services a specific location. Some examples are: Local doctors or dental practices A retail store servicing it’s surrounding area Plumbers, electricians and other service-based business in … Read More

3 Awesome AdWords Scripts You Should Be Using Now

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awesome adwords scripts

What Are AdWords Scripts? AdWords scripts are pieces of code that you can use to assist with running your AdWords account. These scripts allow you to do things that either you can’t do in AdWords already, or make account management faster or easier. Scripts are written in Javascript and run inside AdWords, so there is no need to connect to … Read More

How to Use Google AdWords Paid & Organic Report

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adwords paid organic report guide

The ‘Paid & Organic Report’ is a report found within AdWords and is extremely useful in helping us understand the interaction between AdWords and organic traffic. What happens to one type of listing when another is shown with it. This is relevant to those working in SEO as well as those of you running AdWords accounts. May 2018 Update: We’ve … Read More