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Data-driven, creative, customised campaigns

One Egg is about that collaborative approach to work, that extra piece of creativity that we add over and above other pre-packaged mixes in the market. This little bit extra provides our clients with more meaningful and clever marketing which goes the extra distance.

Our founders are involved in every campaign and our staff are all highly qualified & provide delightful customer service. This allows us to provide you with high quality, effectively priced, cutting edge digital marketing strategy and execution.

Meet our team of experts!


Co-Founder, Head of SEO

Co-Founder, Head of SEO Having worked for over 10 years in digital marketing in 3 different countries, Ilan has hands-on experience managing large to enterprise-sized SEO accounts. With a background in computer science and a BA in Creative Media, Ilan is the co-founder and head of SEO for the One Egg team. Having in-depth knowledge in both search marketing and web development enables him to develop powerful digital strategies, which deliver higher visibility on search engines, increase site traffic and boost conversions. Ilan co-wrote several SEO training guides published on Australian government websites. Ilan likes his eggs poached!


Co-Founder, Head of Paid Search

Born and bred in Sydney, Mark has over 10 years of experience in the world of digital, specialising in Paid Search and Analytics. With a BA (Psych) and MBA, Mark is the co-founder and head of Search for the One Egg team. Prior to this role, Mark has consulted for a number of multinational agencies and blue-chip clients in Australia and abroad, managing multimillion-dollar campaign budgets. Mark has published numerous articles on major web publications, he has spoken at the renowned SMX conference and has published a best-selling course on Advanced AdWords on Udemy. His passion lies with helping businesses achieve success online and making real differences to companies’ bottom lines. Mark likes his eggs fried!


Digital Marketing Specialist
Jessica is a digital marketing professional from Sydney, Australia who began her career in some of Australia’s fastest growing digital agencies and startups. She has a wealth of experience consulting for small to enterprise-sized businesses in Australia and abroad, developing and managing search campaigns from inception to success. Her skill set lies across both SEO and Paid Search, giving her the ability to leverage both sides of Search with clarity and cohesion. In her spare time Jess indulges her love for travel, food and art. She likes her eggs poached “onsen” style.


Head of Outreach & Amazon Marketing
With over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing space, Callum is an outreach link building & Amazon marketplace specialist. He has launched hundreds of successful link building campaigns and owns multiple successful brands on Amazon.com. He is passionate about building long-term inbound traffic to client’s online assets using ethical and sustainable practices. Callum likes his eggs boiled.


Web Development
Our resident geek and lover of all things tech, James specialises in website design and development. With several years of experience as an IT Project Manager and Web Developer, James is able to appreciate and understand business objectives, tailoring technical solutions accordingly. James likes his eggs poached, extra soft and gooey.

Ilan Perez

Web Analytics & Marketing Automation
Originally from Perth WA, Ilan grew up in Sydney. With over 15 years of experience in the online space, Ilan started out as a backend programmer before upskilling to full stack developer. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. In recent years, Ilan has formally moved into web analytics and has recently completed a Graduate Diploma of Data Science from Monash University. He has performed analytical services for small, medium and enterprise level companies and has a passion for uncovering the truth about the data, finding actionable insights.


Digital Marketing Specialist
Michal is a passionate and ROI- driven digital marketer. He loves developing strategy and creating online campaigns for small and large businesses. You might find him up late at night diving deep into marketing data, analysing and finding hidden pockets of gold. He’s passionate about eCommerce and online sales. Michal likes his eggs scrambled with a dash of chilli.


Digital Marketing Specialist
Fiona, from the south coast of England, started digital marketing at a young age, spending school and university holidays working at the family-run digital marketing agency. After graduating, she moved to London to work in-house for a fast-growing online furniture brand which further expanded her skills in the world of SEO and PPC. Bringing a mix of creativity and analytical capabilities, Fiona is excited to delve back into agency life and for the opportunity to work with a variety of industries. She likes her eggs boiled with soldiers!


Digital Marketing Specialist
Julian, a Capetonian through and through, graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering in 2012. Since making a change in his career 5 years ago, Julian has been working as a digital marketer and has been a natural fit for the One Egg search team. Julian has a passion for helping young people create their ideal career path. He has set up a business which assists graduates in securing professional internships. Julian likes his eggs sunny side up.

Jess B.

Commercial Director

Jess is a sales and marketing professional with extensive experience in E-commerce and digital strategy. Originally from a finance background, Jess is at his best when combining his business, sales and marketing acumen to transform ideas into action and build beneficial commercial partnerships. If your sales need a lift, your team needs some inspiration or your marketing and distribution strategy needs a review, Jess will be the glue that binds everything together and assists your business to achieve measurable and tangible results. Jess believes in the power of ‘action’. He is a doer, who enjoys working to understand his client’s needs and then acting strategically to facilitate them. He likes his eggs Rocky style – Raw in a glass and straight down the hatch. Now let’s go make something happen!

Our key features

Cost Effective

Low overheads mean we deliver high- quality work while keeping costs low. No fancy offices or parties on our client’s expense.


All our staff have years of experience. The founders bring over 20 years of industry experience.

Data Driven

Data-driven, integrated analytics and machine learning principles shape our marketing strategies.


No cookie-cutter approaches, we work closely with clients to create specialised strategies.
Why One Egg?

When Betty Crocker came out with an instant cake mix in the 1950s, they thought they had an instant winner. Here was a product that allowed you to suddenly prepare a cake within minutes, it was almost life-changing.

But it didn’t sell.

It didn’t sell because making a cake from a box was too far removed for the everyday person (housewife) and they actually felt guilty!

The psychologists realised that being able to add an egg to a cake mix, rather than just using powdered egg, took away the guilt of convenient baking and affirmed the woman’s role as provider.

The result was that the mixture was less convenient to make but overall a better product because both the client and the agency collaborate to make something better together.

We don’t sell pre-packaged goods and services; we sell a customised collaborative approach based on our years of experience in the industry. You are the key component in our marketing success.

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