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International SEO

Take your brand to the global stage

The beauty of the internet's digital marketing landscape is that it's now relatively easy to compete on a global stage if you know what you're doing. Billions of users search for products and services every day and having your brand appear in international search results can dramatically grow your business and profit. SEO or search engine optimisation is the language of relevancy as far as Google is concerned and determines how your brand ranks in a potential customer's search results. Sounds simple in principle, however, once you take your brand internationally, you need to consider international SEO to ensure that users from multiple places see information relevant to their location, language and more.

Successfully scale your geo-targeting

Different regions have different search options, currencies, languages and consumer behaviour. While most of the globe are using Google, countries like China and Russia use alternate search engines like Baidu and Yandex. All of this means that your geo-targeting must be on a much larger scale and to be effective, you need to consider the cultural, economic, and technological differences of each region that you want to target.

Implement different site versions in different languages and currencies

When implementing international SEO strategies, it's important to consider market research to understand how users in other countries search and browse. This research involves what technology they use and what logistics they rely on, especially if you're shipping products. International SEO should also leverage the use of 'Hreflang tags' which instruct Google which version of your site to show a user depending on their location. For example, using Hreflang tags, you can show one version of your site to users in Germany that's written in German and displays prices in Euro, and another version to Australian users that displays English and lists prices in Australian dollars.

Why OneEgg for your international SEO?

At OneEgg, we’re subject matter experts in all things SEO. We’re Google certified digital marketers who understand global customer behaviour and international trends in online search, shopping and e-commerce. We don’t just localise your site through literal machine translations. 

 Instead, we help you build versions of your online presence that effectively speak to and engage different cultures and languages through reliable research, analytics and testing.

Digital experience with international brands

We work with several international brands, and we’re experienced in delivering successful global campaigns that help companies large and small reach global audiences. We use a blended approach using our knowledge of all things digital to help you build loyal international viewers

and get global communities talking about your products and services. Contact us now to discuss how we can take your brand to the worldwide stage.

Case Study: One Investment Group

One Investment Group is an independent funds management business responsible for in excess of 200 funds and $10bn in a wide range of underlying asset. Learn more about how we helped them boost organic traffic and dominate their target keywords on Google.

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Case Study: Kooee Snacks

Kooee Snacks is a global eCommerce brand selling all natural snacks worldwide. Learn how we helped a new market player achieve incredible SEO growth in such a short time frame.

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SEO Audits

Determine the best course of action to improve your search ranking with a comprehensive audit of your website and SEO strategy.

SEO Training

Practical training in keyword research, competitor analysis, and technical SEO best practices to equip you with the know-how to drive organic traffic.

Local SEO

Grow your business by promoting your products and services to local customers at the exact moment that they are looking for them. 

Keyword Research

Identify the most valuable keywords for your website and discover new opportunities to dominate in search results with advanced keyword research.

International SEO

Successfully target global audiences by providing relevant information to searchers and speaking the same language as your potential customers.

E-commerce SEO

Drive more organic traffic and capitalise on the 71% of online shoppers that use search engines to discover new products.

SEO for Charities

Expand the reach of your non-profit by making sure you appear in search results for the people you are trying to help. 

Link Building

Increase brand visibility, drive organic traffic, and improve your ranking by getting your links and referrals in front of the right audience.

We provide the top WordPress SEO services with a team of SEO experts to help get your site to the top results page so that you are not lost amongst your competition.

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