A Guide for Running
Your Business Remotely

Processes & Tools for running remote teams

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation with regular businesses having to change the way they work and manage team work remotely.  Fortunately, there are many processes and tools already in the market to support remote teams and distributed businesses. 

Members of our team have been working remotely already for years and we realised that we are in a unique position to share our knowledge on how we maximise productivity and wellbeing through our processes.  In this guide, I’ll take you through the processes that work well for us and review the best tools to keep you running efficiently.

We are a digital marketing agency with 6 core staff in the office and another 8 staff working remotely all over the world.  We have team members in Australia, England, the US, Bali, South Africa, Spain, China and Eastern Europe.  Remote working has become part of our DNA and it means we can take advantage of expertise all around the world.

Many businesses when making the transition to working with remote staff think they may be able to continue working as normal.  But the truth is that running a remote team is a different game and in order to make it work well and efficiently there are many aspects in the day to day running of a business that have to change and adapt to suit remote working as we will discuss.

There are certain advantages to working remotely, the tools we have in place allow us to be extremely efficient internally, ensure we remain up to date, maximise collaboration and deliver strong client transparency and support.  We’ve learnt that the tools we are forced to use to run a remote team will also benefit a local team. The following guide covers key items you need to know in running a team remotely and also how to squeeze the most out of working remotely.

The guide is divided into 12 sections, within each section we look at the best tools in our experience and why you should use them.

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