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Reporting, how it should be!

Below we have embedded a sample reporting dashboard which all clients receive as part of their campaign management.  Our dashboards are built on Google Data Studio which is a state of the art reporting framework.  This technology allows transparent, shareable, real-time, beautifully designed reporting.  Try out the report below:

Our reports are amazing because they are:

Reporting data is updated in real time, which means you can review your report and track campaign progress at any time. 

We use Google Data Studio for reporting.  This product is designed by Google and integrates seamlessly with the major advertising platforms.   

Our standard monthly report is 6 pages and includes all key campaign information pulled directly from marketing platforms as well as Google Analytics.  It contains more info then you probably need, but is segmented as to not be overwhelming. 

Our reports are customised to your needs and based on your goals.  We also provide monthly commentary to highlight key results.

Our reporting features key graphs and tables which allow us to generate insights from current performance which translates into actionable outcomes moving forward. 


Clients are provided links to access their dashboards.  These can be accessed at anytime and shared with stakeholders.  PDF’s are also available.

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