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YouTube Advertising

YouTube is a part of everyday life

YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine. Just behind Google, the video platform boasts over 1 billion unique users who watch 6 billion hours of video every month. People view YouTube in many different environments whether it be on the go or at home and the social network is now available on many different devices from media streaming boxes, smart TVs, smartphones and more. YouTube is so significant that it's now grown to the point where YouTube ‘vloggers’ have become celebrities with millions of loyal subscribers. All of this makes YouTube a great place to advertise.

Get creative with video advertising

One of the significant benefits of YouTube advertising is that it allows you to be completely creative with rich media and even create video commercials to suit your audience and product offering. Even major brands now complement their core television advertising with YouTube only ads and extended commercials explicitly designed for social media. Of course, you don’t have to create a full television-style ad. YouTube’s advertising options allow you to chose an option that best suits your needs.

YouTube advertising options

YouTube provides different advertising options and can be tailored based on your conversion goals and budgets. The two main types of advertising options are:
TrueView In-Stream
With this option, your adverts appear before a video starts, and you're charged per view. A 'view' is when a user watches 30 seconds of your advertisement, or the ad comes to an end, whichever comes first. The viewer can skip the ad after 5 seconds and, if this happens, there's no charge. You can include a link so that a user can click through to your website at no extra cost.
TrueView In-Display
With In-Display, adverts appear next to a video or in search results, similar to Google AdWords. In this case, you’re charged when a user clicks your ad to watch and, like In-Stream, you can include a website link at no extra cost.

Why One Egg for YouTube advertising?

We have experience working with many brands on successful YouTube advertising campaigns. Our experience has shown us that YouTube can drive massive amounts of views which leads to substantial click-through rates and high conversion. 

We can help you curate creative ads that are engaging and also make sure that we get them in front of relevant audiences that resonate with your brand.

Creativity blended with the psychology of advertising

We get audience behaviour as well as the psychology of advertising. Combine this with our passion for all things digital and our creative team and you’ve got the full suite of marketing prowess required for successful YouTube advertising

that gets people engaged with your brand and drives sales. Contact us now to discuss your next, exciting YouTube advertising campaign.

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Generate high-quality leads for your business with paid ads targeting the 63 million senior-level decision-makers on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of YouTube’s extensive audience and targeting options to promote your business on the world’s second-largest search engine. 

Drive down CPAs and maximise conversions with our Google Ads strategies built for measurable results and maximum returns.

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