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PsyQuation achieves a 300% increase in conversion volume & 76% decrease in CPAcquisition

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Project Background

PsyQuation is a SaaS application that provides A.I. powered trading insights for forex traders across the globe. They are focused on growing their customer base internationally and lowering acquisition costs. PsyQuation engaged with One Egg to develop a digital strategy and tactical execution in their key markets. These markets include Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and South America

Advertising Platforms Leveraged



The forex industry is saturated with players often making unsubstantiated claims.  Psyquation’s AI technology, including their PQ score and sophisticated trading tools bring powerful proprietary technology developed in house to traders.  The challenge was in allowing traders to separate the wheat from the chaff and bring Psyquation’s unique offering to the forefront. 

Psyquation’s tools are beneficial and applicable to traders worldwide, yet forex is a competitive market with many players.  A key challenge was identifying and competing in markets that would provide the best bang for our buck. This required research and testing hypotheses in different potential markets.

Michael Berman

CEO of PsyQuation

The team at One Egg met the clients expectations…. there is a lot of talent in the team


Market Research

This project required a complete strategic overhaul, which began with a strong foundation in market research within owned and external properties. One Egg spent significant time generating hypotheses about user behaviour within different markets. This formed the basis of our tactical plan that would be used to inform our specific go to market strategies in content market, paid funnels and marketing automation for lead nurture. The plan was developed to be aligned with Psyquation’s lead volume and CPA goals. The hypotheses were designed to be tested and adjusted as the campaign progressed.

Paid acquisition funnel

The paid acquisition funnel was redesigned from the ground up.  This included landing page redesigns at the top and bottom of the funnel to improve conversion rates.  New campaign assets were developed and integrated into landing pages, with overhauled tracking and remarketing lists.  These funnels were also customised towards different markets where user behaviour varied, as found in our initial research. 

One Egg also worked closely with the client to tease out the KSP’s of Psyquations offering and ensure the value add came through within the advertising properties.  These messages were built into a testing framework that was able to produce winners in different markets based on which measures resonated with different markets.

Using the funnel approach One Egg was able to generate large amounts of low cost interest and push relevant prospects through the funnel.  We were also able to utilise and showcase the advantages of Psyquations toolset to a wide audience and use these assets to further qualify and generate paid subscribers. 

Marketing Automation

One Egg introduced a number of nurture funnels to take advantage of the large array of premium assets within Psyquations toolset.  The flow from fremium to premium was created through the lead nurture and was able to introduce all the advantages of premium to potential users in a non-invasive drip feed of content.  This flow was customised to users based on their previous engagements with the product.  Again we were able to use the assets to promote the quality of the brand and qualify prospects towards becoming paid subscribers.

Content Marketing

The strategy for the content marketing was based around raising awareness and raising the profile of Psyquation by putting their best foot forward – their proprietary tools and technology.  We promoted webinars and generated prospects using strong content assets.


Through a combination of tactical implementations across SEO, PPC and automation we were able to increase the number of conversions by 300% and at the same time decrease CPA to single figures.   

To achieve both conflicting outcomes simultaneously was significant.  We were able to do this because we: 

  1. Invested time in researching and understanding the different markets in depth
  2. Rebuilt existing campaigns into a funnel strategy
  3. Combined best practice across SEO, PPC and email automation.