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Remarketing is clever

Remarketing is a powerful digital marketing tactic which allows you to target users who have visited your website. This means that you're displaying your ads to people who are already interested in your product and familiar with your brand, which dramatically increases your chances of conversion. The ability to keep your name in front of a potential customers mind by retargeting them, after they leave your site and while they browse other shopping sites, is brilliant advertising psychology that can deliver a massive return on investment.

Take it even further with dynamic remarketing

Google's dynamic remarketing takes this even one step further. Dynamic remarketing allows you to show previous visitors ads that feature the specific products they viewed on your website. For example, a user may have abandoned their shopping cart and not completed the checkout process. You can now follow up and give them a gentle nudge to finish buying the product in which you know they showed interest.

Salvage sales that you may have lost

Remarketing and retargeting are clever tactics that allow you to gain business that you may have previously lost. Remarketing can be set up through Google Adwords which uses the Google Display Network. However, we also specialise in remarketing campaigns using social media such as YouTube or Facebook. Our diverse experience means that we can build you multidimensional campaigns that display your ads to previous visitors across Google as well as when they view YouTube videos and even in their Facebook news feeds.

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At One Egg, we understand digital psychology

We understand the psychology of advertising and consumer behaviour like no one else. We blend this knowledge with our passion and aptitude for all things digital and use our experience to build smart campaigns that work. We get Google and know industry-best tactics to get you phenomenal conversion results. Combine this with our knowledge of social media marketing, and you've got the full suite at your disposal to ensure your remarketing campaigns deliver results beyond expectations.

Learn valuable skills

Understanding digital marketing best practice is a crucial skill for any business. We take a partnered and collaborative approach throughout the process which allows you to gain a deep understanding of what we do, as well as an opportunity to learn best-practice digital marketing methodologies that will set you up for long-term success.

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