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PPC for Startups

Startups are exciting and volatile

Startups are dynamic, engaging and incredibly fast-paced environments. It's an exciting time where emerging new business players can transition into household names. It's a landscape where entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses, some of which become our most iconic brands. It's also a time that can break business owners as some ideas just don't translate into revenue and don't build audiences. 75% of startup ventures fail in their first year. But, don't be discouraged. All it takes is smart digital marketing and pay-per-click or PPC advertising to gain momentum from day zero.

Get the ball rolling with PPC

One of the most significant challenges with new startups is gaining momentum on your income stream. It can take a while for new businesses to start ingesting search traffic organically because it takes time for new websites to achieve a good ranking on Google. You may have designed a quality, innovative product that the market desperately needs but, this doesn't mean anything if potential customers can't find you through online search. Domain age is a significant factor in search engine algorithms, making it difficult for new sites and brands.

Pay-per-click advertising is built for startups

Lucky, PPC advertising is perfect for startups! Pay-per-click allows you to push your new brands landing pages to the top of Google without having to wait for organic SEO to kick in. PPC means that, through targeting the right keywords, you can start selling your product to new customers right away. PPC campaigns are also dynamic as you can tailor them to all budgets large and small, which is a crucial consideration for any startup. We work with you on building PPC campaigns tailored to your budget and goals. We can then help scale back your PPC spend once your organic SEO starts to produce traffic which will further increase your bottom line.

At OneEgg, we get startups

Our background is in startups from fast-paced, innovative tech ventures to traditional brick and mortar setups.  We understand that ideal budgets aren’t always available

and will work with you to give you an honest opinion of what we can achieve with your set budget and the pay-per-click results you can expect.

Collaborate and learn valuable digital marketing skills along the way

Understanding digital marketing best practice is a pivotal skill for any startup company as it’s a core strategy that will continue to make your brand grow over time. Our approach isn’t to set up a campaign, click go then sit back and watch, feeding you inconsistent results. 

Instead, we partner and collaborate with you so that you can learn essential digital marketing skills along the way and gain an understanding of how to build PPC campaigns that work for your startup. This knowledge will set you up for future success by allowing you to create audiences, grow brand awareness and increase sales long-term.

Case Study: LegalVision

LegalVision are a startup law firm aimed at providing small businesses affordable fixed fee quotes. Read about how we helped LegalVision minimise CPA and at the same time maximised lead volume with a multi-channel PPC strategy

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Case Study: Fast Cover

Fast Cover is a multi-award winning travel insurance company which faced several competitors in their field of business. Learn how we increased traffic to their website through PPC and made them more confident in just 10 months.

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Our PPC services

Capitalise on the traffic that doesn’t convert by
utilising remarketing tactics to target the people already familiar with your

Get your message in front of the right people at the right time with attention-grabbing display advertising that drives revenue.

Take a data-driven approach to your Google Shopping campaigns, applying intelligent bidding customised to your business needs.

Scale-up up your Facebook advertising and propel your business forward with results-driven campaigns run by our Facebook Ads experts. 

Generate high-quality leads for your business with paid ads targeting the 63 million senior-level decision-makers on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of YouTube’s extensive audience and targeting options to promote your business on the world’s second-largest search engine. 

Drive down CPAs and maximise conversions with our Google Ads strategies built for measurable results and maximum returns.

Boost your ecommerce sales and fuel growth with high-performance PPC campaigns that deliver tangible business results and real ROI for ecommerce stores.

Increase visibility, drive conversions and build up the momentum your new business needs with PPC campaigns that make an immediate impact. 

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