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eCommerce and pay-per-click advertising: a match made in heaven

A good eCommerce site can open your brand to the world, giving you a platform to sell your products online. However, sometimes it feels as though you’ve exhausted existing marketing channels and reached a ceiling for incoming traffic. When this happens, it can be challenging to grow your audience further and increase conversion. The good news is that PPC can do wonders for eCommerce, allowing you to target new customers who are interested in buying products in your market segment.

The right PPC strategy for eCommerce

Whether you’re new to pay-per-click advertising or a veteran PPC implementer, there’s always more you do to improve your campaigns, especially when you’re playing in the sophisticated space of eCommerce and PPC. It can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and just go after the low-hanging fruit as you chase quick conversions. When this happens, you fail to plan strategically, and this means that you’re likely haemorrhaging spend in your campaigns. Sure, PPC can be about quick wins. However, it also requires a smart long-term strategy to keep it ticking over and bring in new customers.

eCommerce is constantly changing

eCommerce is a competitive, fluid and dynamic space fed by continually changing industry trends and product catalogues. If you sell one static product over many years, then it’s not too complicated. However, when you’re dealing with new product cycles and more competitors, it becomes unprofitable to rely on only organic results and old marketing tactics such as eDMs. eCommerce needs PPC to be able to keep your brand and your products consistently at the forefront of a customers mind so that you’re easy to find when they want to buy.

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Why OneEgg for your eCommerce PPC?

PPC is a fast-moving and ever-changing digital marketing channel that can be a little confusing and overwhelming at first. At OneEgg, we are experts in PPC advertising with years of experience in eCommerce. We’ve worked with large and small eCommerce brands on a variety of successful PPC implementations and improvements that have directly improved revenue by generating new traffic and conversions.

A big picture view of PPC strategy

We live and breathe digital and have experience working on PPC campaigns across many industries such as fintech, financial services, eCommerce, not-for-profits and many more. We understand the psychology of advertising as well as consumer behaviour. This experience allows us to see the big picture and develop creative digital strategies that will put you way ahead of your competition.

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