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You need Facebook advertising as part of your strategy

With over 2 billion active users in 2017, Facebook is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows brands to target potential customers and new audiences like never before. If you want to grow your brand, increase awareness and drive traffic and sales, then Facebook must be part of your digital marketing strategy. No other network can generate and nurture leads as well as keep people engaged with your brand as effectively as Facebook.

Target your audience like never before

Facebook allows intelligent audience targeting that's an un-paralleled marketer's dream. The network's paid advertising options enable brands to target people based on interests, behaviour, demographics, education and even life events like buying a new home or getting married. This allows us to curate digital marketing campaigns that are highly relevant to any potential customer who views an ad in their news feed which dramatically increases your chance of conversion. Get more people to the top of your sales funnel and quickly convert them through intelligent messaging at precisely the right time.

Facebook advertising works

The simple fact is that Facebook advertising works. It's the most targeted media channel, allowing you to create audiences which you can closely align with customer intent. Facebook provides multiple advertising options such as paid advertising campaigns, boosted posts, the ability to promote events and even eCommerce options such as product catalogues. Unlike display advertising or PPC, Facebook is a community that requires a two-way dialogue and a level of engagement between brands and consumers. We get that and work with you on not just increasing your reach, brand awareness and sales, but also on creating online communities that drive repeat sales, lift your profile and get more people talking about your products or services.

Why One Egg for Facebook advertising?

At OneEgg, we build effective campaigns using a blended approach based on solid industry experience, innovation, a fundamental understanding of advertising, human behaviour, and a passion for all things digital.

We love seeing the brands that we work with succeed and approach each campaign through an objective lens that allows us to take the time to understand your unique needs so that we can work with you on building the perfect target audiences that resonate with your brand.

Creativity blended with data-driven decisions

We take a multi-faceted approach that combines best-in-industry knowledge and experience with data-driven decisions. Facebook offers some robust analytics tools, and we will work with you on A/B testing multiple smart solutions and report back the return on investment so that we can continually tweak and improve your Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Throughout the process, we’re transparent about what works and what doesn’t and help you understand Facebook’s user analytics which provides critical insights to improve the success of your ads and helps you to reach even more relevant people.

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Our PPC services

Capitalise on the traffic that doesn’t convert by
utilising remarketing tactics to target the people already familiar with your

Get your message in front of the right people at the right time with attention-grabbing display advertising that drives revenue.

Take a data-driven approach to your Google Shopping campaigns, applying intelligent bidding customised to your business needs.

Scale-up up your Facebook advertising and propel your business forward with results-driven campaigns run by our Facebook Ads experts. 

Generate high-quality leads for your business with paid ads targeting the 63 million senior-level decision-makers on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of YouTube’s extensive audience and targeting options to promote your business on the world’s second-largest search engine. 

Drive down CPAs and maximise conversions with our Google Ads strategies built for measurable results and maximum returns.

Boost your ecommerce sales and fuel growth with high-performance PPC campaigns that deliver tangible business results and real ROI for ecommerce stores.

Increase visibility, drive conversions and build up the momentum your new business needs with PPC campaigns that make an immediate impact. 

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