A Wiki is a type of website that is collaboratively edited and updated by users usually and is used for gathering and storing knowledge.   Building a Wiki for your company is a good idea whether your team is remote or local, but for remote teams it is especially useful.  Wiki’s are a great way to retain business knowledge in a centralised location and ensure processes are being followed and maintained. 

The concept is to have a website or some kind of hosted document structure where you collect information that is important to your company and your processes.  This Wiki can be collaboratively added to by all members of the company and can be constantly updated.  

Benefits of A Wiki

Many companies will already have a shared document structure, using a shared drive (as discussed above).  These documents probably contain information that the business needs to run. A Wiki makes this process more dynamic and user friendly, the key benefits are: 

  • Structure and easy navigation through interlinking within the structure.
  • Searchability
  • Collaborative editing tools – after an edit is made, it can go through an approval process. 
  • Live updates as to member changes 
  • Security: control of access to users 

Different Ways of Using A Wiki

What your team uses the Wiki for will be different based on the business type.  In our business we use a Wiki and it contains the following key sections:

  • Members: a profile of each staff member, including their contact details.
  • Onboarding: an outline for new members with links to sections they need to review when coming into the business.
  • Client Profile: A background to each client, with information regarding clients files and project management items.
  • Services Section: For each service we have an overview of the service and a subdirectory of best practice detailing how to perform those functions and processes.
  • Admin: information on how to do repetitive internal tasks in the company like tracking time.    

Wiki Software Providers

Wiki Interface in the Notion App

There are a number of great providers for Wiki Software.  Confluence by Atlassian is widely used by software development companies.  Confluence can be hosted on an intranet for companies concerned with security.   There are a number of options for smaller business working remotely as well such as Tettra & Notion