Document Tracking / Electronic Agreements

Document tracking is mostly used for digital agreements and contracts such as proposals.  The process of sending and tracking these documents can be a tedious part of doing business.  Digital applications make this easier and more efficient by allowing you to easily create agreements, send them off, track and procure signatures.  

Every Business is Doing Sales

This category is geared towards sales teams and not necessarily team collaboration.  Yet, it is still a good example of how you can better streamline processes when working remotely and since every business is doing some form of sales, it is an important aspect to cover.  

The Benefits of Document Tracking

The benefits of document tracking applications are many.  Proposals built via these apps look more professional than something hacked together in Microsoft Word and sending a beautiful looking proposal is going to increase conversion rates.

An example template from

These apps allow you to track the complete sales process and pick up on any issues. You can see if the proposal arrived and if it was opened and read which can help you understand why a prospect might have delayed signing it.  The software also stores proposals and provides analytics on conversion rate, essentially streamlining the whole process.

Key players in this area include: DocuSign, Proposify & Better Proposals.   I would suggest using software like this if you spend a lot of time on sales and are looking to make your sales process more efficient.