New Google Search Console Features You Need To Know About

Google Search Console is a crucial tool for every SEO and website owner, offering vital insights and enabling you to view your website through the eyes of the search engine. But the old Search Console is no more, with Google announcing it’s shut down a year after the new version went live. If you try […]

How Long Does a Landing Page Need to Be?

How to Create Landing Page Content That Drives Sales You won’t find a magic formula that delivers customers to your business via the internet. You can’t copy a template, change the landing page content and assume your business will prosper. Every business, it seems, has to figure out for itself what works. Still, best practices […]

The Essential On-Page SEO Tips for 2019

On‐page SEO refers to the practice of ‘optimising’ web pages to help them rank higher in the search engines. The end goal of which is to increase organic traffic to your site. In 2019, Google is smart enough to understand synonyms and semantically‐related keywords meaning that you no longer have to obsess about the strategic […]

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