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Google Ads for Small Businesses

Affordable campaigns for only $699/month

Please submit your details and we will send you a sign up link and further information about the project.

What's Included?

Small Business

  • Setup and management of 3 campaigns
  • Ad copy generation & optimisation
  • Keyword research, segmentation and optimisation
  • Budget management
  • Real time performance dashboard
  • Bid management
  • Search term optimisation
  • Negative keyword optimisation
  • Keyword opportunity analysis
  • Email support
  • No lock in contracts


  • Everything in 'Small Business' +
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Phone support
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Mullti platform advertsing account

Client results

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Project summary:

LegalVision are one of Australia's fastest growing startups.  One Egg have been working with LegalVision over the past 5 years to help grow their lead aquisition strategies and have been an integral part of their growth strategy over the years.

Anthony Lieu

Marketing Director & Lawyer, LegalVision

LegalVision has been working with One Egg for over 5 years now. During that time, they have been instrumental in crafting a cutting-edge marketing campaign strategy. Working with One Egg we have been able to significantly grow our customer base which has helped LegalVision to grow as one of Australia's fastest growing startups. They are constantly innovative with their approach which has enabled us to stay ahead of the market. I'd recommend working with One Egg for any client in the startup space or looking for significant growth through search marketing.


Fred Hollows Foundation







Project summary:

The Fred Hollows Foundation is one of the largest and most prominent not-for-profit organisations in Australia. They also have a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide. The Foundation is an international development organisation focused on eliminating avoidable blindness and improving Australian Indigenous health.

Esha Thaper

Digital Content Producer at The Fred Hollows Foundation

I’ve been working with One Egg for two years and can safely say they are one of the most knowledgeable and responsive teams I’ve ever dealt with. Their understanding of search is in-depth and they are always able to break down complicated concepts into easily understood, actionable tasks. I’ve asked Ilan hundreds of questions and have developed my own skill-set because of his ability and willingness to help. Because Ilan is results-oriented and wants the best for all his clients, he’s truly an asset to any digital project. And, in addition to having technical prowess and an ability to deliver, he’s also personable, friendly and collaborative. I’d recommend One Egg in an instant.


Nutra Organics







Project summary:

Nutra Organics is an e-commerce business selling natural organic whole food products to Australian consumers.

Jemma Quinlan

Marketing Manager, Nutra Organics Australia

Mark, Jessica and the team at One Egg have been fantastic to work with. The results from the Google Adwords campaigns have been impressive, exceeding the ROI goal we were aiming for. They are attentive, fast, give very detailed reports, and are across all of the different PPC strategies. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to outsource PPC campaigns.

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Why Should I Work With One Egg?

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We focus on what we do best and we do it well.  We understand the challenges small businesses face, we have expertise in crafting expert marketing strategies and executing campaigns in  Google Ads to achieve your outcomes.
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We work directly with you to achieve your campaign outcomes.  All campaigns are subject to your approval before going live. Every dollar spent is recorded.  We provide real time dashboards to show you your progress.
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Our packages are priced with small businesses in mind.  We offer high levels of experience at great value.  If you’re looking to get started with Google Ads, gain exposure with your target market then you won’t find better value then our packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we handle pretty much everything!

The only thing we need from you is basic information to setup the account.. We will provide you a brief questionnaire to be filled out once you sign up to the service.  This will help us understand your target audience and messaging so that we can craft excellent ads to match your strategy.

What makes Google Ads so special is that you can show ads to potential customers that you know are searching for your keywords. There is no other platform which has as wide a reach allowing you to target potential customers by the way they search with ‘Keywords’.

Keywords can be anything that you choose that show interest in your business. Google Ads allows you to put your ads in front of these customers and received immediate visibility as well as clicks to your website.

Google also only charge you as an advertiser when a person actually clicks on your ad. This makes it one of the most effective advertising platforms ensuring highly targeted and affordable ads.

As part of your subscription you will be billed monthly. We are super transparent into how your monthly spend is allocated.


You will also be provided real time dashboard showing how much money was spent on each campaign and keyword

You can increase your investment at anytime by notifying us via email.  The funds will be allocated at the same percentage split between media and fees as previously.

You may also decrease your campaign investment in the same way, however we do have a minimum campaign size in order to make running the campaign viable.  

On the ‘Small Business’ package you are provided with email support.

We also provide a real time dashboard which shows you how all of your budget is being allocated. The report will breakdown your campaigns, keywords and ads and how they performed in terms of: Impressions, clicks, spend, CPC’s and CTR’s.

The dashboard is built with Google Data Studio, a state of the art dashboarding tool. Here is an example dashboard you can review. You will be able to drill down into specific metrics and campaign dates to extract detailed information about your campaign performance.

After signup we need 1 to 2 weeks to launch the account.  The process is outlined below:

Just some of the many reasons why we offer the best service in the market:

Super transparent

We are accountable for every dollar spent, you will be given clear monthly reports as to what keywords your dollars were spent on.

Cancel anytime

We run a month to month subscription. You can cancel anytime and you will not be billed the next billing cycle.

No fuss or hassle

We setup the ad accounts and handle all communication and billing with Google. We organise all the creative and strategic elements of the account. This is all so that you can get on with running your business and leave the Google Ads execution piece to us.

Fast launch

Be up and running within 1 to 2 weeks

Why not build your own house and save on a builder? Google Ads is a complicated platform and very easy to overlook certain features and make simple mistakes.

We’ve taken over client accounts that have wasted thousands of dollars accidentally targeting irrelevant keywords. Having your account managed by marketers with years of experience will prove worthwhile in achieving your marketing goals.

While we do charge management fees they are among the lowest if not the lowest in the market, so you are certainly getting bang for your buck.

There are no lock in fees. You will be signing up to a monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime and you will not be billed the next billing cycle. 

Your subscription is a service agreement with One Egg Digital to run advertising to your business. As such we will continue to run your ads until the end of the billing period and then cease running your ads.

The advertising accounts have been created and managed under One Egg Digital and are not owned by the customer and will not be accessible at the end of the account period. We may be able to provide you with reports that you can use in the future.

The ‘Small Business’ package is limited to running 3 Google Search campaigns.  In general this is sufficient. Other services you may be interested in, which are included in the custom package include:

Phone support
Display, remarketing, shopping campaigns.

Conversion tracking

Banner creative

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and been around for over a decade. 

You can see more of our clients on our case studies page. 

Please leave your details and we will contact you to get started