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LegalVision named fastest growing law firm in Australia

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LegalVision is a commercial law firm providing Australian, New Zealand & UK based businesses with affordable ongoing legal support. LegalVision was launched in 2012 as an online legal documents business and has since grown to become Australia’s fastest growing law firm. They now boast a team of over 100 lawyers and provide innovative legal services and membership options. One Egg has been working closely with LegalVision since 2014 and has been assisting with many aspects of their marketing growth.

Advertising Platforms Leveraged



The legal industry is extremely competitive with many players and expensive cpc’s. This means that it’s essential to constantly think outside the box and test new tactics to stay ahead of the pack.

LegalVision have been growing at a tremendous clip, they have been constantly innovating and offering new services to clients. With this growth lead volumes have had to exponentially grow YoY. One Egg were challenged with continuing to generate growth and lead volumes

Anthony Lieu

Marketing Director & Lawyer, LegalVision
LegalVision has been working with One Egg for over 5 years now. During that time, they have been instrumental in crafting a cutting-edge marketing campaign strategy. Working with One Egg we have been able to significantly grow our customer base which has helped LegalVision to grow as one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. They are constantly innovative with their approach which has enabled us to stay ahead of the market. I’d recommend working with One Egg for any client in the startup space or looking for significant growth through search marketing.


LegalVision have been clear on their strategy from the outset. They have a strong understanding as to who the target customer is and they are bringing an innovative product to the market which has been able to disrupt traditional Legal services. One Egg was tasked with exploring the most viable growth opportunities for generating leads.

Google Ads

While the industry is competitive we were able to capitalise on Google Ads by early identification of high converting keywords and maximising our impression share. We dominated the bottom of funnel keywords with a tightly segmented Google Ads campaign layered with remarketing and other relevant audiences. Campaigns and AdGroups were highly segmented into specific practice areas leading to relevant landing pages. A program of aggressive search term and negative reviews was undertaken to insure extremely high relevance and quality scores were achieved.

Later on down the track we focused on campaign experiments to further refine our bidding strategies and campaign structures. Even though we dominated the Google Ads space we remained vigilant by constantly testing new features, keywords, practice areas and techniques to remain ahead of the pack.

Another key aspect of our campaigns were our hyperlocal messaging. Our keyword research identified early that searcher intent was often locally targeted. LegalVision are able to leverage technology to offer services to local businesses. One Egg was able to capitalise on this and keep costs low and conversion rates high with targeted local keywords.

Facebook, Linkedin & Youtube Ads

Facebook, Linkedin & Youtube ads were utilised to drive awareness higher up the funnel. LegalVision offers thousands of great resources for small and medium businesses which we were able to leverage to populate remarketing pools and constantly engage businesses with attractive services when they might be needed. Our awareness campaigns directed social paid traffic to dedicated landing pages promoting free resources. We found this to be a cost effective way to drive highly converting traffic to leads.. In this way we were able to utilise paid advertising platforms to drive awareness at the top of the funnel, provide valuable resources to relevant businesses and push attractive and innovative services at the bottom of the funnel.

By taking a birds eye view approach and dedicated marketing budget to both TOFU and BOFU tactics across different platforms we were able to leverage the strengths of the different advertising platforms to create an exceptional overall result. We did this by tracking multiple platforms with consistent metrics in customised dashboards. This way we could monitor platform performance and understand how our budget allocations affected our overall Cost Per Lead.


We were able to hit all of the clients goals within 6 months of our engagement commencing and we have been exceeding these performance metrics almost every for over 6 years running!  The above screenshot shows YoY lead growth.

Our success has hinged on our ability to generate leads beyond low funnel campaigns, expansion into new platforms and constant testing.

We are excited about the future for LegalVision as they roll out a stream of new products and services for their expanding client base.