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Done-For-You Email Marketing Services

If you want to increase your brand’s reach, convert more visitors, and take your business to the next level, One Egg’s email marketing services can help.

We work with you to understand where your audience comes from, what they value, and how we can serve them best. 

Our email marketing specialists can create captivating email campaigns for you that drive conversions day after day.

How Email Services Help You

Grow Your Brand

Turn your subscribers into “Brand Ambassadors” by sending them loyalty discounts and keeping them updated on your latest products, services, and blog posts.

Grow Your Business

One of the easiest ways your business can grow is by turning your customers into repeat customers and converting more subscribers. This is exactly what our email services offer.

Unbeatable ROI

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). That’s an ROI of 4100%!

Connect With Your Audience

Emails let you test different themes and CTAs to see what your audience responds to the most. The best emails can be reused in blog posts, paid ads, and even sales pages.

We offer email marketing services customised for all types of businesses.
Here are two examples for E-commerce and SaaS businesses.

E-Commerce Email Marketing

We offer two types of email campaigns for e-commerce websites.

1. Email Marketing Campaigns
2. Email Automations

Our email marketing campaigns are not the same generic image-based messaging that your audience has seen thousands of times.

We create “broadcast emails” that your customers will look forward to opening. Each email contains an important tip, fact or story related to their main goals or desires.

As well as more conversions and sales, you’ll benefit from having a swipe file of the most successful CTAs and offers you can use again and again.

Ecommerce Automations

With our done-for-you email services, we create fully-automated email sequences that increase your conversions and keep your customers coming back for more.

Our automations include:

  • A 3-email Abandoned Cart sequence
  • A 4-email New Customer sequence
  • A 2-email Repeat Customer Sequence

Here’s an example of a new customer automation.

SaaS Email Marketing

As a SaaS company, you want to connect with your audience and move them down your sales funnel. 

We recommend five email campaign types below that can help:

Group 6.5

Acquisition Email Campaign

The acquisition email is at the top of the funnel. It’s sent to the email contacts you have gained from lead magnets, newsletter subscribers, and people visiting your important pages. The goal is to get these prospects to make a commitment and sign up for your service.

Group 6.6

Free Trial Activation

During a free trial, there is a fixed-time (usually 7, 14, or 30-days) to help your customer use and value your service. This campaign shows how converting to a paid plan helps them reach their goals more easily. It also leverages urgency to remind them that time is running out...

Group 95

Freemium User Activation

The goal of this campaign is to help prospects use your software immediately and frequently. Freemium customers usually don’t get access to all the features of the paid product. These emails show how they could be missing out by not upgrading to the paid product.

Group 94

Freemium User Upgrade

This campaign uses account usage triggers to convert freemium users to paid users. The triggers used depend on your specific software. For example they could fire when the software is used, credits are low, or after the use of specific features. These emails are timely and amplify why the user would want to pay more.

Group 93

Brand Loyalty

Paying customers should never feel like they’re being ignored. This email campaign keeps them updated with product developments, blogs, industry news and forthcoming webinars. This lets them know that you’re continually adding value and helps you minimise churn.

Here’s an example of an automation for a 7-day trial:

The Secret To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

When your email marketing campaign has these three things, it will convert like crazy…

The Right Audience

We segment and clean your list to ensure your emails reach the most qualified prospects each and every time.

The Right Copywriting

Good copywriting is part art and a lot of research. We put in the time to understand what your audience cares about and what makes them take action.

The Right Offer

The best copywriting in the world won’t sell an uninspired offer. We work with you to create offers that your customers will snap up.

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