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Amazon SEO for greater search results

Our specialised Amazon search engine optimization services will help you achieve greater visibility in the marketplace and drive greater growth.

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Sell more with Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO, or search engine optimization, is an effective marketing strategy that seeks to optimise product listings on the platform to enhance their visibility and improve their search rankings within Amazon’s search results.

The more discoverable your products are to potential visitors who are actively searching for similar items, the more likely you are to convert leads into paying customers. Amazon SEO is all about making the most of your ecommerce store’s online presence so that more people can find your offerings and purchase your products.

Understanding Amazon SEO & traditional SEO

The fundamental principles of Amazon search engine optimization apply across platforms and are similar to other search engines as well.

However, Amazon SEO marketing has a number of distinct nuances that cater to the platform’s ecosystem and Amazon search algorithm.

Emphasis on keywords

Amazon SEO places a greater emphasis on product listings being optimised for specific keywords. 

These keywords used by Amazon shoppers and website visitors, and related keywords, inform the platform of their behaviour and preferences and to drive more sales and are instrumental in Amazon determining which products and brands to display for any given search. 

The more relevant and complete information provided, the better.

Focus on relevant products’ content

Content optimisation is a key feature of all online marketing campaigns, but in contrast to traditional SEO, highly effective Amazon SEO requires optimisation of each aspect of a product listing including:

  • Product title
  • Bullet points
  • Product descriptions
  • Backend search terms and specific keyword usage
  • High quality images

The more concise, targeted and compelling the information listed in a product’s description the greater its effectiveness on ranking factors and on enticing potential buyers. 

Role of metrics

Conversion metrics and rates play a significant part in Amazon SEO. The more likely a particular product listing is at converting into a sale, the more likely it will be ranked higher in similar or complementary search results.

Strategic SEO approach

We understand that an effective Amazon SEO strategy needs to be tailored to suit the objectives of each individual client of ours. When we put together an SEO campaign, we use your marketing strategy and goals to inform each step of the process.

Our strategic approach is based on 3 main components:

  1. Understanding the market segments you want to target
  2. Communicating your key selling points
  3. Achieving your marketing goals as an Amazon seller

With that strong understanding of you and your business, our SEO experts can optimize your Amazon listings for the greatest search results possible.

We’re focused on the results you’re looking for

We take the results of our work very seriously. Everything we do as part of our Amazon SEO services is tied back to achieving the objectives of our clients. 

By documenting objectives and defined metrics in our initial strategy document we ensure that we’re on track every step of the way to achieving high search results.

We work with you, as our client, to determine S.M.A.R.T. goals that reflect your business’s long term objectives. With specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals guiding us, we can maximise the return on your SEO investment.

How do we approach our Amazon SEO campaigns?

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Tailored Amazon search strategies

Every marketing campaign is as different as each of our clients are. The days of cookie cutter approaches to Amazon SEO are gone. We take the time and make the effort to understand who your target audience is, where they hang out and what they are looking for from you as an Amazon seller. 

With that information at hand, we can customise the right SEO campaign to deliver to them the products of yours they are most interested in and, in turn, drive higher conversion rates and more sales.

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Technological solutions & cutting edge SEO tools

All SEO agencies claim to be data driven but few have the technological tools to back up the claim. At One Egg, we plant our approach firmly in the data we derive from the technological solutions we utilise, such as Machine Learning projects, automated tools, bidding strategies, dashboards, data visualisation and landing page testing. 

From end to end, our SEO process prioritises data to provide insight and identify opportunities for ongoing optimisation.

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Prioritising results

Our priority with your Amazon SEO strategy is to drive results and help you increase revenue. We track each aspect of our campaign to understand how customers are engaging with the platform and our marketing efforts.

By keeping our agreed objectives in mind, we can set up our campaign and adjust it accordingly to achieve the goals we’re after. We are relentlessly results focused to ensure the greatest return on marketing investment for our clients.

Client results

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Paper Supplies Industry







Project summary:

Paper supplies launched their business on Amazon in mid 2019. Since then they have partnered with One Egg to grow their business exponentially. Paper supplies now has over 40 SKU's and annual revenues north of $4M.


Gift Hamper Business







Project summary:

Over the last 3 years One Egg has provided full Amazon services to this startup gift hamper business. Revenues have grown to over 2M per year. Full service includes listing setup and optimisation, Seller Central management, pricing and logistics management, Amazon PPC and more.
We've managed to refine the product range and build stronger profit margins.


Rustic Lane







Project summary:

Rustic Lane is a homewares brand that launched on Amazon with a goal of selling low cost high quality products for the kitchen and living rooms.
One Egg assisted Rustic Lane with market research and identifying product niches that presented strong opportunity for their products. One Egg also provided Amazon PPC services.


Knot & Style







Project summary:

Knot & Style produce beautifully crafted bespoke bar accessories. Knot & Style engaged One Egg to help improve their Amazon presence and boost sales and revenue.
Since working with One Egg they have achieved a 60% increase in revenue and over 100% increase in gross profit based in dramatically improved organic rankings and margins.

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Why do you need an Amazon SEO agency?

Tailored Amazon Search Strategies

Amazon SEO is all about enhancing the visibility of your products online to ensure more targeted leads see it, click on it and convert into customers. Without an experienced SEO agency behind you, optimising product listings can be tricky.

With a team like One Egg, our extensive experience and knowledge can be leveraged to make the most of every dollar you invest in SEO. The stronger your SEO campaign, the higher your sales and the greater your revenue.

Save Time and Money

Time is money, and with a professional Amazon SEO agency you can save both! Setting up and managing an effective SEO campaign on Amazon can be time-consuming, especially when you don’t have the experience and know-how.

Our account managers ensure you’re able to save time and money by best utilising your marketing budget and creating an SEO campaign that is focused and effective on delivering measurable results.

Data Access for Key Decision Making

Ongoing SEO management is all about data-driven decision making. Through the constant analysis of performance and optimisation techniques, the right agency can make informed decisions in regards to your campaign that will maximise your product listings’ visibility and appeal to potential customers.

Whether the changes are in the form of product description, right keywords and search terms targeted or even through backend keywords strategies, the One Egg team makes informed and educated decisions based on our professional-level access to data.

How do we approach our Amazon SEO campaigns?

Conduct keyword research

Related keywords are the search terms used by shoppers on Amazon to find the products they’re looking for or are interested in. Our Amazon SEO experts conduct meticulous and strategic keyword research to identify the highly relevant and highly searched terms related to your products.
By identifying the language used by Amazon shoppers and analysing the relevant keywords used by competitors and other Amazon sellers, we can select the backend keywords that best align with your product title and descriptions, target audience and goals.

Optimisation of your listing

Your Amazon product listings are critical for delivering high conversion rates and increased sales. Optimising the product listing for maximum impact can include anything from crafting a compelling product title and persuasive descriptions to incorporating relevant and targeted search terms on the back end.

Ongoing performance analysis

Continuously monitoring and analysing the performance of your Amazon SEO campaign ensures everything is on track or adjusted accordingly. There are a number of key metrics in addition to search results, such as click through rates, conversion rates and – of course- sales performance.

Using the data derived from your campaigns allows our team of experts to improve and further optimise the listing for greater visibility and improved campaign performance.

Comprehensive competitor analysis

The online Amazon marketplace is a highly competitive landscape. Understanding what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it ensures we maintain a competitive advantage and adapt to any market trends going on. 

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience with Amazon search queries, we use our competitor analysis to enhance our ability to identify areas for differentiation and consequently implement tactics to gain a competitive edge.

Find out more about the right Amazon SEO strategy for you

Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace has made effective SEO more important than ever before.

Finding the right digital agency with Amazon SEO-specific experience is a critically important first step in paving the path to success with your ecommerce store. Done right and with the right team behind you, SEO is a powerful tool to help boost visibility, increase sales and enhance conversion rate. 

If you’d like to find out more about how Amazon SEO can be utilised to improve your business’s growth make sure to reach out to the One Egg team today.

Frequently asked questions

Amazon SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving online product listings on the Amazon platform so that they appear higher in search rankings and are more visible in product search results. The aim is to improve the chances of particular products being discovered by potential customers and increase click through rates.

Both forms of SEO focus on the same result: To improve visibility. However, Amazon SEO focuses more strategically on product listings by prioritising product listings and product descriptions, such as product titles and keywords, according to its unique algorithms and informed by ongoing customer behaviour with the platform.

Keyword research is crucial for giving you an understanding of the language and words being used by potential customers when searching for similar products on Amazon. The algorithm heavily favours the incorporation of relevant keywords in product listings and will increase your products visibility in search results if it deems it to be relevant and of potential interest to users. 

Product content plays a vital role. The use of product titles, bullet points and product descriptions that are well optimised will increase the chances of higher levels of visibility and likelihood of Amazon shoppers clicking on, and potentially converting, into paying customers. 

While it is possible to independently manage your Amazon SEO campaigns, the right agency will bring invaluable experience, expertise and knowledge to make the most of your marketing expenditure and strategies. The complexity and dynamic nature of Amazon’s algorithms require significant and ongoing investments of time, money and effort.

As Amazon’s marketplace trends, customer behaviour and search engine results page algorithms tend to evolve rapidly and continuously, ongoing tracking and monitoring of your SEO strategy is critical. Data-driven decisions based on performance metrics, competitor analysis and changes on the Amazon platform itself requires active and frequent strategy management/adjustment.

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