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Our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing team is here to help your Amazon campaigns draw clicks, increase conversions and improve your revenue.

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Gain a competitive edge on Amazon

Sellers on Amazon are constantly looking for new ways to enhance visibility, boost their ecommerce sales and gain an advantage over competitors.

By leveraging our knowledge and experience of Amazon PPC advertising, our team can build a great marketing campaign that aligns with your unique sales proposition, connects with your target market, and realises your goals.

We take a strategic approach to our Amazon PPC work to optimise every dollar you invest and maximise your return.

Why you need effective Amazon PPC campaigns

The ecommerce marketplace is highly competitive, which is why an effective Amazon PPC campaign is essential.

This form of online advertising requires you to pay a fee for each time your advertisement is clicked. Without the right keyword targeting, an effective lead funnel and strategic conversion process, your PPC won’t deliver the results you need.

A PPC agency that works with you for your success

We understand Amazon PPC like the back of our hands, but we know that you know your business like the back of yours. That’s why we collaborate with our clients to ensure the smoothest path to marketing success.

Our uncompromising level of client service and completely open lines of communication ensure that we’re able to set and achieve your business’s objectives and ensure that your Amazon ads are seen by the right people at the right time. 

At One Egg, all of our account managers are experts in digital marketing and service a limited number of clients to ensure every account receives the attention and achieves the results they deserve.

One Egg’s PPC agency approach

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Data driven PPC management

Our account managers use automated tools, unique bidding strategies, landing page testing procedures, data visualisation dashboards and Machine Learning projects to drive every decision we make. Our Amazon PPC process is highly dependent on the insight we gain from the data we analyse and enables us to better optimise your ad spend and digital marketing campaigns.

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Results focused

We are focused on results. We work with you to ensure we know which of your products or product lines you want to focus on driving customer engagement for and then we make it happen. With comprehensive analytics set up we can track, monitor and adjust as required so you enjoy greater return on your investment.

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Customised approach to Amazon PPC

It’s essential that we get to know your business, your target audience and your objectives. Every Amazon PPC campaign is different, so the approach should be equally unique. What sort of keywords do your target customers use? What other products are they looking for and buying? What sort of advertisements resonate with them? The more customised and tailored we can make your Amazon ads, the stronger the marketing message and the better the results.

Client results

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Paper Supplies Industry







Project summary:

Paper supplies launched their business on Amazon in mid 2019. Since then they have partnered with One Egg to grow their business exponentially. Paper supplies now has over 40 SKU's and annual revenues north of $4M.


Gift Hamper Business







Project summary:

Over the last 3 years One Egg has provided full Amazon services to this startup gift hamper business. Revenues have grown to over 2M per year. Full service includes listing setup and optimisation, Seller Central management, pricing and logistics management, Amazon PPC and more.
We've managed to refine the product range and build stronger profit margins.


Rustic Lane







Project summary:

Rustic Lane is a homewares brand that launched on Amazon with a goal of selling low cost high quality products for the kitchen and living rooms.
One Egg assisted Rustic Lane with market research and identifying product niches that presented strong opportunity for their products. One Egg also provided Amazon PPC services.


Knot & Style







Project summary:

Knot & Style produce beautifully crafted bespoke bar accessories. Knot & Style engaged One Egg to help improve their Amazon presence and boost sales and revenue.
Since working with One Egg they have achieved a 60% increase in revenue and over 100% increase in gross profit based in dramatically improved organic rankings and margins.

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How do we achieve results?

Strategic Keyword Research

By conducting in-depth keyword research, directed by your business’s target market and service offering, we can identify the most relevant and high performing keywords for your products. The better honed our keywords are, the better targeted out Amazon PPC ads will be.

This allows us to ensure the ads we produce and publish are aimed at making your ad spend investment go as far as possible.

Campaign Optimisation

Structuring your PPC campaign in the right way can make or break its success. We’ll work with you to understand your budget allocation preferences and ensure we manage the bid process to get the right ads showing to the right target market for the right keyword searches. 

By closely tracking marketing conditions and changing consumer behaviour, we can ensure ongoing optimisation to make the most of every ad campaign we run.

Effective Ad Creation

From crafting compelling ad copy to choosing the right titles, our Amazon PPC experts will draw on years of industry knowledge to make your marketing campaign as captivating to new and returning customers as possible.

Without the right PPC management team behind your strategy, your ads may fail to connect with audiences and/or drive conversions.

Continuous Campaign Monitoring

Amazon PPC marketing isn’t about setting and forgetting. Our continuous monitoring ensures that we know how well each campaign is performing. 

By analysing the results and running A/B ad campaigns to compare and contrast metrics, we can make data-informed adjustments to improve results over time.

Keeping You Informed

We provide regular reports and updates as part of our PPC management, as well as ensure ongoing communication with our clients, to ensure we’re on track and our PPC campaigns are delivering as required.

Where there are areas for improvements or opportunities for greater revenue, we’ll communicate this to you and ensure ongoing success across the campaign.

Repricing Strategies

Repricers are a critical component in the Amazon ecosystem.

These software products allow you to automate your pricing and gain more share of the buy box. 

We help you navigate the available tools and repricing options available. 

We also can setup an optimal repricing strategy for you based on your business goals.

>>More about Repricing

Discover how an Amazon PPC agency works

Keyword Exploration as the foundation to success

Keywords are the search terms that determine when and where your Amazon ads are going to show and to whom. Ensuring your keywords are comprehensive, targeted and accurate will drive results and give you a keen understanding of what your competitors are targeting. The stronger your use of diverse keyword match types, the better your advertising campaigns will be. 

There are various ways in which our PPC management team can optimise your keywords, including:

Keyword bidding for greater visibility

While each Amazon ad type does have a unique bidding process, submitting bids for keywords in an Amazon PPC works in a similar way to regular auctions. By specifying the amount you’re willing to spend per click for a particular keyword, you can allocate your budget as economically as possible. The higher the competition for a particular keyword, the greater the increase in visibility and the higher the ad spend. Your PPC management agency will help you make the most strategic bidding decisions.

Campaign set-up and launch

Once your keywords are locked in and the bidding process is complete, you can finish setting up your Amazon PPC campaign and launch it. Ongoing oversight is key to ensure the performance aligns with your specific goals. Driving ongoing continuous improvement through your regular analysis will ensure you are achieving the awareness and sales needed to achieve your objectives.

Assessing the results of Amazon PPC services​

Results tracking is a core component of PPC management. Analysing Amazon campaign results allows us to stay agile and adaptable in the constantly evolving landscape of digital advertising.

We keep a keen eye on industry developments and trends to ensure we feed back any improvements into the PPC campaigns we monitor for clients. By doing so, we can make sure we retain a strong advantage over competitors.

Ready to get started with Amazon PPC?

Whether you have used PPC ads on Amazon or on another platform before or you are new to the market, we are here to help you every step of the way. The world of Amazon PPC can be complex at the start, but with the right team armed with the right tools boosting your sales and growing your business could be just a phone call away.

Find the best Amazon PPC agency

When it comes to online marketing and Amazon PPC management, not all strategies and agencies are the same. You need to find the right partner to help your PPC strategy deliver the results you need. The One Egg team knows just what it takes to cut through the noise online and reach the customers you are after most. Make sure to give us a call today for a no obligation and no pressure discussion about how we can help your business thrive.

Frequently asked questions

Amazon PPC, which stands for pay per click, is an advertising model where businesses can create and publish online advertisements and only pay a fee when the ad is clicked on by a user. It is a powerful marketing tool to increase product visibility and drive sales on Amazon. While it is similar to Google ads and PPC on traditional search engine platforms, it requires a unique digital marketing approach.

The bidding process for particular keywords involves specifying a maximum amount you are willing to pay for a single click on a particular advertisement, much like with Google ads. Bidding processes can be influenced by competitor’s bids, ad relevance, and competitiveness of the industry/market. While the higher the bid the increased the likelihood of your ad being visible it will also result in a higher campaign advertising cost.

The most commonly used types of ads include Sponsored Products which appear in search results, Sponsored Brands which highlight a whole product line or brand, Sponsored Brands Videos, and Sponsored Displays which target customers both on and off Amazon based on their previous online engagement and activity. 

Optimising an Amazon PPC campaign involves thorough keyword research and competitor analysis, effective strategic bidding, strong ad content creation and ongoing management and monitoring to adjust for better performance. As an experienced Amazon advertising agency with years of digital marketing experience, our team is best positioned to provide optimised Amazon PPC management and campaign performance.

Negative keywords are used to help prevent your ad from being shown for irrelevant searches. By avoiding searches that are unlikely to result in leads or quality clicks you can ensure your budget is allocated more economically and efficiently to drive greater conversions, sales and revenue. 

It is possible to independently set-up, optimise, manage and adjust your PPC campaigns but an agency, such as One Egg, specialise in each and every stage of the campaign process to ensure a greater return on investments through delivering better results. Engaging the right Amazon PPC management agency is often a critical component to making the most of your ad spend.

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