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The importance of a checkup

We all understand the value of a checkup. From our health to our cars, we know that there's value in making sure that everything's ticking over right to avoid unexpected cost, surprise results or worse. Pay-per-click or PPC campaigns are complex and multi-faceted. There are so many moving parts that, it becomes hard to measure ROI with clarity and identify where your campaigns are haemorrhaging money. Sometimes, what it takes is an objective eye with in-depth, domain knowledge and expertise to spot potential profit leaks and tune up your digital strategy.

Your PPC needs an objective eye

PPC campaigns are a complex mix of keyword and audience targeting, advertising strategy, well-written copy and a solid understanding of analytics. It takes a holistic approach with a knowledge of each area to efficiently tweak campaigns and increase ROI. There is no downside to our PPC audits which are offered free to all new clients, and they're entirely obligation free.

Save money and increase ROI

At the very least, a PPC audit will give you some tips on how to improve your current campaigns and provide you with some objective analysis of how your PPC efforts are performing. We then couple this with robust, tactical recommendations you can employ to reduce cost and get results.

Case Study: LegalVision

LegalVision are a startup law firm aimed at providing small businesses affordable fixed fee quotes. Read about how we helped LegalVision minimise CPA and at the same time maximise lead volume with a multi-channel PPC strategy

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Case Study: Fast Cover

Fast Cover is a Multi-Award Winning Travel Insurance Company which faced several competititors on their field of business. Learn how we increased their traffic to their website through PPC and made them more confident in just 10 months.

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Why OneEgg for PPC audits?

At OneEgg, we have conducted hundreds of audits and often analyse accounts where clients are wasting hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) per day on irrelevant keywords and ad locations. PPC has become incredibly complex and regularly shifts based on industry trends. People often believe they're saving money by managing their PPC, but it ends up costing more money due to wasted spend. Active and consistent management is crucial.

Collaborate and learn valuable digital marketing skills along the way

We take the time to understand your brand, your marketing goals and your existing challenges. Our approach is collaborative, allowing you to learn along the way and become a better digital marketer. Our audits interweave with best-in-industry solutions with substantial PPC experience that will increase your conversion by ensuring you're only paying for the most relevant potential customers. We love watching brands succeed through our smart PPC strategies.

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