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What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of content to strategically attract and retain a specific audience and ultimately convert them into customers. Content marketing may not directly promote a specific product, but instead it stimulates audience interest in products or services. Content marketing can involve everything from blog and article writing to rich media such as video. The philosophy behind effective content marketing is that instead of just pitching your products or services, you provide relevant, valuable and entertaining content for your audience.

We don’t just produce superb content for you, we then use intelligent marketing strategies to ensure the content reaches your audience. We follow this by tracking and refining content and providing you in-depth analysis to gauge ROI and give you clarity into the performance of your content in real-time.

  •   Are you looking to grow your audience but aren’t seeing results?
  •   Do you want a loyal audience that thrives on quality content you share?
  •   Is customer loyalty and advocacy important to you? Is your goal to acquire and maintain your audience and convert them into loyal customers?


How we do it

We write and create high-quality, engaging content that’s relevant to your products and services.

You are at the center of everything we do. We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your brand and produce truly relevant and entertaining content for your specific audience.

We then employ creative marketing strategies to share the content ensuring we reach and engage your target audience. Finally, we track and optimise your content and provide you with analytics to monitor and prove ROI.

Our Clients are our first Priority

“One Investment Group has been working with One Egg for over a year. We’ve since seen a huge growth in our organic traffic & keyword rankings for our core services. Their innovative approach to SEO has really helped us obtain a much larger market share.”

– Justin E, One Investment Group

Why Choose Us?

At One Egg, we understand the finance, fintech and legal industries like no one else. We use our experience and creativity to create truly unique content that people will engage with and share.
We don’t just produce stunning and engaging content for you. We then work with you on marketing that content to reach your audience and get results.
We blend our content marketing services with social media, web analytics and other online marketing strategies to ensure you don’t just engage and retain audiences but also convert them into long-term paying customers.


We believe that you are crucial to the success of every campaign and we will work closely with you on what type of content we produce to make sure you’re as close to the material and as happy with it as we are

Case Study: One Investment Group

One Investment Group is an independent funds management business responsible for in excess of 200 funds and $10bn in a wide range of underlying asset. Learn more about how we helped them boost organic traffic and dominate their target keywords on Google.

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Case Study: Kooee Snacks

Kooee Snacks is a global eCommerce brand selling all natural snacks worldwide. Learn how we helped a new market player achieve incredible SEO growth in such a short time frame.

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