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Reaching your goals begins with properly tracking them.

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What is Web Analytics?

The only way to know that you’re making the right marketing decisions is if they’re based on data. Your gut instinct can only take you so far before you need data to guide you through the sometimes confusing landscape of web analytics and strategic decision making that follows. However, data alone means nothing and can lead you to feel as though you’re drowning in ones and zeros with no meaning and no clue about what effective actions to take. Instead, it’s the interpretation and analysis of data that leads to key strategies and decisions that result in success for your business. It’s this solid analysis that transforms web analytics into one of the most effective tools in internet marketing.

Our web analytics services will help you to define and track relevant KPIs that quantify and manage your progress as well as help you understand how and why your users and engaging with your website. We can test multiple variations of your conversion paths and help you focus on key areas to grow your business, brand awareness and audience.


How we do it

At One Egg, we offer a collaborative approach based on years of experience working in the finance, fintech and legal space. We believe that you are the key component in our marketing success as we help you gain insight and clarity into the volume of your traffic, where it’s coming from and, most importantly, what behaviours your visitors exhibit on your site.We will apply a level of creativity blended with experience which leads to more meaningful and clever marketing that can help you streamline and improve your marketing efforts as well as plug costly leaks that aren’t delivering a return on investment.

Our Clients are our first Priority

“One Investment Group has been working with One Egg for over a year. We’ve since seen a huge growth in our organic traffic & keyword rankings for our core services. Their innovative approach to SEO has really helped us obtain a much larger market share.”

– Justin E, One Investment Group

Why Choose Us?

We understand that everyone’s business is different and that each client’s needs are unique and diverse depending on their brand and what they want to achieve. Because of this, we don’t offer pre-packaged services and then force you to awkwardly bolt them on to your business model. Instead we work with the philosophy that client input is crucial to the success of every campaign. For us, it’s about understanding who you are and then building on that. We offer a collaborative experience that leads to a tailored product for your specific needs. Everything we do is data driven so you’ll be fully equipped to make the best strategic decisions based on analysis and intelligent interpretation. We’re authentic to the point that if we feel something can’t be achieved, we will tell you straight, and instead work with you to devise strategies the yield a high chance of success.

Your Products and Services

So we can maximise your profits by focusing on your most lucrative offers

Your Target Market

So we can match the message to what your target market is expecting

Your Online Marketing

So we can assess where your visitors are coming from and how they're interacting with your website

Your Competitors

So we can develop strategies to outperform your competition online

Website Optimisation

Once the CRO Audit is complete, we get to work improving your website conversion rate. We help you develop high-converting landing pages. We provide direct-response copywriting. We provide wireframes and design mockups. And we work with you to develop the best offers to put out into the market.

Online Marketing Optimisation

We look at your entire online marketing conversion funnel and ensure your strategy is cohesive end-to-end. We work with you to improve your online advertising campaigns, your SEO rankings, your email marketing, your social media marketing and anything else you do online. Because when you combine website optimisation with online marketing optimisation, you achieve the greatest gains.

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