PPC Service for Lawyers

33% of legal consumers begin their search for counsel online.
Get in front of your ideal customers with expert PPC services for lawyers.

Consider the Top 5 Reasons to use Pay-Per-Click


Attract More Qualified Leads

Thanks to advanced demographic targeting you can profile potential clients by age, income, education, gender and geographic location.


Easy Client Segmentation

Target specific search requests applicable to your legal practice, for example…

>  Banking and Finance
>  Commercial
>  Corporate
>  Criminal
>  Family
>  Media
>  Public


Reach the Right People at the Right Time

Get found by people precisely when they need your services.
Through targeting niche keywords and effective copywriting, we increase your PPC conversions and generate more qualified leads for your firm.


Get Clients on Demand

Grow your law firm at a pace you’re comfortable with by increasing ad spend, reach, search terms and PPC platforms effortlessly.


Remarketing Made Easy

Improve marketing ROI with retargeting services for PPC.
Show ads to PPC website visitors as they log in to their social media accounts to improve brand awareness and marketing ROI.

If you’ve got a challenge, we’d love the chance to come up with a solution.

Law Firm PPC Strategy

Our turnkey PPC Service for Lawyers follows a proven 3-step strategy that allows you to concentrate on managing clients, whilst we manage your lead generation.

1. Expert Setup

The competition for attorneys and law firm PPC is high, and to generate positive results you need a Pay-Per-Click expert on your team.

As an accredited Google Partner, we pride ourselves on improving your campaign management to help you pay less for clicks and achieve maximum ROI.

+ Keyword Research

Uncovering keyword opportunities that deliver high-quality leads or terms your competition may be missing is critical to a successful PPC campaign.

We go beyond the traditional free tools and use our in-depth PPC knowledge to ensure your keyword targeting is perfect.

+ A/B Split Testing

Our PPC Service for Lawyers is not a “setup and spend” approach. We test different types of ads with different copy until we achieve optimal ad rank for each campaign. We understand that the best way to improve your PPC scores is to generate consistently high Click-Through-Ratios (CTR), which results in lower costs per click and bigger returns for your practice.

+ Tracking

More than 70% of prospects who see your PPC ads will contact you via telephone instead of sending an enquiry. Thanks to integrated tracking tools we can supply conversion metrics on these calls as well as your website conversions.

2. Landing Pages

To deliver great results for your law firm, PPC is more than setting up catchy ads. You need optimised landing pages to maximise your conversions too.

Our experienced UX designers and copywriters use a combination of emotive text, well-placed Call to Action elements, effective media and responsive design to help get the most out of your marketing efforts.

By combining expert ad setup with custom landing pages you’re additionally rewarded with strong relevancy results on your PPC ads, which means better overall performance and lower costs per click.

3. Retargeting

No Lawyer PPC service would be complete without retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Put simply, we can track visitors from your website who entered via a PPC campaign to their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

By using a Facebook Pixel, we can effectively remarket your Legal Services to them, increasing brand awareness and more importantly maximising your ROI by boosting conversions.

Top PPC Platforms

Our PPC Service for Lawyers uses an omnichannel approach to deliver the most reach, brand awareness and conversion opportunities for your legal firm.
Here are the most popular platforms for Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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YouTube is the No.2 most visited website on the planet with more than 1.9bn logged in monthly users.
Brandwatch.com provides these top 5 stats...
> 6 out of 10 people prefer online video to live TV
> 80%+ of 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube
> Over 1 billion hours of video watched daily
> Average mobile viewing session is 40 minutes
> 70% of YouTube views from mobile devices

Facebook Ads
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With over 2.3 billion users worldwide and more than 80 million business pages, Facebook offers impressive stats.

> World’s 3rd most-visited site
> Facebook messenger is the top mobile app
> 66% of users log in daily
> 88% access via mobile device
> Leading platform for B2B and B2C

Google Ads
Google Ads
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The dominant player in the marketplace is, of course, Google Ads.
Consider these stats from PowerTraffick.com:
> Google Ads convert 50% better than organic traffic
> Average ROI is 2x Ad Spend
> Controls 71% of Search Market
> Google Display Ads seen by 90% of internet
> 65% of Search Results go to Google Ads
> 70% of Mobile Customers call through Google Ads

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LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for business minded people worldwide.

LinkedIn demographics include...

> 61 million senior level influencers
> 40 million decision-making positions
> 56% male and 44% females
> 44% of users earn more than $75K p/a
> Over 500 million users

LegalVision has been working with One Egg for over 4 years now. During that time, they have been instrumental in crafting a cutting-edge marketing campaign strategy. Working with One Egg we have been able to significantly grow our customer base which has helped LegalVision to grow as one of Australia's fastest growing startups. They are constantly innovative with their approach which has enabled us to stay ahead of the market. I'd recommend working with One Egg for any client in the startup space or looking for significant growth through search marketing.

- Lachlan McKnight
CEO, LegalVision


If you want to grow your practice with paid marketing you need an experienced expert on your side, and our PPC Service for Lawyers offers you that solution.

With One Egg you’ll get...

> Turnkey PPC Management
> Google Partner Credentials
> Qualified Leads on Demand
> Turnkey Management
> Omnichannel Approach

Managing a PPC campaign with inexperienced in-house staff can be a challenge, especially in a competitive niche like legal services.

If you want to avoid the challenges of self-management and increase your chances of success, contact us today to get started.

Let’s work together to get you clients on demand with the best PPC Service for Lawyers available in Australia.

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