For remote teams it’s important to have visibility over progress and results. In the office it’s easy enough to walk by a colleague, have a chat and get a sense of how teams are performing and projects progressing.  For remote teams having a reporting system is important and reporting can provide structure and transparency.  

Internal and External Reporting

The kind of reporting you need heavily depends on what industry you are in.  As an example, for our industry, marketing, we recommend having two types of reports.  The first is an internal progress report and the second is a client report focused on client KPI’s.

For the first report, we have an internal team report showing how each team member is progressing.  ClickUp’s project management tool provides a dashboard showing progress and an aggregate score for each team member.  We can also see how many overdue tasks each team member has. 

The above ClickUp report dashboard shows uncleared notifications and overdue tasks for each team member.

Client Reporting

For client KPI reporting, we use digital dashboarding technology called Google Data Studio which is accessible online and updates in real time.  This tool is able to integrate directly with a number of API’s and data sources including Google Sheets (Spreadsheets).  Data Studio will import the data and convert it into graphs and tables which is far easier to understand and also allows the user to adjust it on the front end.  Clients will appreciate the transparency and ability to access their own performance data. offers a number of prebuilt templates and use cases you can explore.  

See an example Data Studio template in action: