Final Words

Running a business remotely is vastly different then working with a local team.  There are many things that we take for granted when we work physically close together.  Businesses that don’t realise this will eventually become overwhelmed and not be able to function effectively in a  remote environment.  

The benefits that come with having a physically close team are important aspects of work and there are many ways we can still incorporate these features into a remote working environment.  We have discussed a number of these including processes, tools and applications as well as wellbeing and health.  

Running a remote team means focusing heavily on efficiency and still being able to work effectively with less day to day contact and even across timezones.  Remote teams force us to build in better processes and efficiencies that will actually improve local teams as well.  Whether you run a local or remote team there are always ways we can improve processes, tools and the way we work in general.