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  • Avoid your site generating a ‘not secure’ error message in Google Chrome
  • Give users confidence that your site is secure and safe with an SSL certificate
  • HTTPS websites enjoy Google SEO ranking benefits over HTTP
  • Seamless migration packages that make the transition hassle free
  • Implemented by leading Google and Search Engine specialists
Secure My Site Now

What is HTTPS?

We’ve all seen ‘http’ or ‘https’ at the beginning of a URL but what does it mean? Well, HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and HTTPS is the same thing with ‘Secure’ added on the end. Essentially HTTPS uses a secure, encrypted connected and HTTP does not. 

A secure connection uses an SSL certificate to encrypt data and is particularly important if your site collects sensitive information such as passwords, personal data or credit card information.

Why it’s Important to SEO

HTTPS is now particularly important for SEO since Google announced that it will start marking sites that don’t have HTTPS as ‘Not secure’ in Google Chrome. Users will get a red error message warning them that the site is not secure. This error is not something you want your users to experience as it may deter people from visit your site.Given that Chrome holds over 55% of the desktop and mobile browser market share, this means that this change is likely to impact your site. Aside from marking your site as ‘non-secure’, Google also confirmed that having an SSL encryption will give a site a slight ranking boost. If you want better rankings and don’t want your users put-off by a visible warning of an insecure connection then you should migrate your site over to HTTPS today.

One Egg are experts in their field!

“I was worried about migrating my large business site over to https as I’d heard how complex it can be. One Egg handled everything for me and the whole thing was so easy. I knew what was happening every step of the way and was able to ask any questions as we went through the process”

– J. Epstein, One Investment Group

What We Offer

We offer a complete migration service that will have your site seamlessly migrated and includes the following:

SSL Certificate Installation

Google Search Console Configuration

CDN Configuration

External Images Import

Links / Resources Update and Redirects

Insecure Content Audit

From only $400 AUD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my hosting?

You don't need to change hosting in order to upgrade your website to https. We can give you a custom quote for upgrading to https while remaining with your current hosting. We can also upgrade your hosting for you at the same time

What kind of quality and experience does One Egg provide?

All the staff at One Egg have years of experience working on client accounts and projects. One Egg is cofounded by Mark & Ilan. Together they have close to 20 years experience agency and client side in the SEO & SEM industries. All white labelled work is of agency quality and is also quality assured by Mark or Ilan.

When do I need to upgrade to https by?

We strongly recommend upgrading as soon as possible. In October 2017, Google Chrome will start showing a 'Not Secure' message to visitors that navigate to your site. Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers today and therefore this will have a major impact. There are also many other advantages to upgrading so we recommending doing this today!

What other services can One Egg offer us?

One Egg specialise in digital marketing which includes SEO, PPC, Analytics, ORM & CRO. You can read more about these on our services pages. We also offer other services that are more niche, which we can discuss further with you. We find this works perfectly for webdesign, SEO or CRO companies that only offer one of these services. Expanding services to existing clients opens up new revenue streams