How to Conduct the Ultimate Google Ads Audit in 50% Less Time

I’ve conducted 100’s of audits over the last several years. The following comprises in my experience, the key issues that need to be reviewed in an account audit. I’ve divided this process into 4 sections, which contain their own subsections: 1. account structure. We will examine different ways accounts are structured into campaigns and ad […]

Google Ads inbuilt machine learning tools

Google are the market leaders in AI technology today, Google Brain is one example of this. Powerful Machine Learning tools are now also available in the Google Ads platform. If you work with Google Ads you’ve likely come across these, you may even be using some of them unknowingly. As an advertiser, learning to utilise […]

Google Ads Experiments – Meta Analysis

Over the course of 12 months we used the Google Ads Experiments tool (known as ‘Campaign Drafts & Experiments) and run close to 100 experiments for a single client. In this article we’ve categorised the experiments into subgroups and provided an overview of where we found success and where we failed. This would be a […]

Guide To Digital Marketing For Charities

The fast-paced digital marketing landscape is challenging for every industry, and it can be especially daunting for charities and non-profit organisations. Marketing for your charity needs to address different issues and target different personas from regular businesses, so your overall strategy needs to be carefully thought out. Your Digital Marketing Strategy The main goals your […]

Multiple Regression for Google Ads Accounts

This is the third article in a series covering machine learning for Google Ads analysis. We are going to explore regression using multiple input features. In the first article published on marketingland we walked through regression models you can build in excel to forecast conversions at different levels of Google Ad spend. In the second […]

Fitting A Random Forest Model To Google Ads Data

In a recent post on Marketingland, I described a process to perform regression analysis in Google Ads. By fitting a trend line to daily Cost & Conversion data, we were able to map the relationship between these variables. We could then make predictions about conversions & CPA at different levels of daily ad spend. The […]

How to Choose the Right PPC Agency for Success?

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a highly effective way to market your brand. A good PPC campaign can dramatically increase your traffic, expand your reach, and boost sales. However, this space moves very quickly. Keeping up with the daily performance of your campaigns, developments in technology, and changes in the digital marketing landscape can be […]

AdWords Campaign Drafts and Experiments

Introduction AdWords ‘Campaign Drafts and Experiments’ is one of my favorite advanced tools within AdWords. This tool was previously known as AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE). I have reviewed many accounts over the years and very often even in larger AdWords accounts, I rarely see advertisers using this feature. It is a real shame because it […]