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Locally Focused Strategies That Drive More Leads For Your Car Dealership.

You already know that people are going to Google as step #1 in their hunt for a new car.

How do you make sure your dealership is sitting at the top of the results when the people in your city press search?

We have loads of experience partnering with local businesses to start searchers on their buyer’s journey through targeted SEO and PPC campaigns.

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Optimising your organic presence for Search Engines is an essential building block in maintaining a healthy online presence.


Drive highly relevant, quality traffic to your website by advertising on search engines & content networks with a Pay Per Click model.


Having a beautiful looking website is often not enough. Conversion Rate Optimisation is essential to ensure your valuable traffic is capitalised upon.

Leverage Location Based PPC:

Building a successful digital advertising campaign isn’t as easy as signing up and paying for clicks. Keyword relevance, ad copy, and landing page content must all be strategically optimised and managed to ensure a satisfactory ROI.

As a local business, you have the opportunity to employ the power of Adwords location based targeting and drive buyers to your website and your brick and mortar location. Creating a local campaign and setting a smart budget will bolster your efforts to reach sales goals and meet your dealership’s KPI's.

We’ve helped businesses in the auto industry achieve as high a conversion rate as 7%. If you’d like to see your click through rates hitting 10% and your lead conversion rate increasing by 20% year over year, we’d love to help you design a digital advertising campaign that will have you watching more happy customers drive off the lot.



Digital Marketing
With a Heart.

We are committed and creative specialists with years of experience serving charities and not-for-profit organisations.

We know how to get results in the nonprofit space, having worked with many large charities such as the Fred Hollows Foundation & Victor Chang with proven success.

Engage more supporters and drive empathy by telling your story to an audience of millions today.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying.

“Before working with the team from One Egg, we weren’t properly leveraging digital marketing. We only realised this once we started working with One Egg and running targeted campaigns. They provided us with a wealth of experience and helped us increase the number of leads from online into our agency. We’ve now taken advantage of a new source of traffic we never before had considered. Driving more traffic, increasing our website presence on Google and understanding how our searchers interact with us has been eye opening and has changed the way we approach marketing. We are continuing to expand our online presence with the assistance of One Egg.

– Major Brand Car Rental Agency, Alexandria, Sydney

Esha Thaper
The Fred Hollows Foundation

Win The Local SEO Game:

You know you’re not trying to reach the whole world with your fancy website, but getting the neighborhood in the know about your deals would be nice.

Location-based SEO brings greater awareness to your dealership by leveraging Google my business page & Google reviews. By taking advantage of these tools, you’ll help local customers find easy directions to your dealership.

You’re the expert on cars. And we’re your ace in the hole for digital marketing, collecting extra leads for your dealership through our proven methods and expertise. We’ve helped local businesses increase their organic sessions by as much as 187% year over year.

Our collaborative approach to SEO integrates the specific needs of your dealership with the best digital practices to get your keywords on page 1 of Google. With the right tools and tactics in place, we’re certain your dealership can improve its rankings as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of experience does One Egg provide?

All the staff at One Egg have years of experience working on client accounts and projects. One Egg is cofounded by Mark & Ilan. Together they have close to 20 years experience agency and client side in the SEO & SEM industries.

Why One Egg over other agencies?

We've worked with many agencies and we know how they can take advantage of clients. We don’t offer a pre-built, off the shelf solution and then try and awkwardly bolt it on to your organisation with an assumption that it will meet your needs. Our experience allows us to truly tailor and design unique, blended products that have just the right elements for your specific success.

What services does One Egg offer?

One Egg specialise in digital marketing which includes SEO, PPC, Analytics, ORM & CRO. You can read more about these on our services pages. We also offer webdesign and other niche services such as Amazon marketplace marketing.

Will I be involved and have a say in the process?

We wouldn’t have it any other way. You are crucial and the centre of everything we do. No one understands your cause more than you do and our approach is purely collaborative ensuring that, not only do you get excellent results but, you also understand the process and personally learn and grow throughout the experience.

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